Why writing can be your best friend??

Hello folks!!

I hope you all are in best of your spirits. Today, I will like to enumerate some points that can prove that writing can be your best friend.😄 Those who write are healthier and happier. Why am I saying so? Am I coaxing people to wield the pen and scribble on paper.Gung-ho!!

1. Boosts your self confidence.

When you give wings to your imagination, you orchestrate a kingdom where you know who your king, queen and subjects would be. In other words, you conjure up situations, characters who are solely dependent on your mind and pen. The way you want your characters to act, they will abide by your dictats. Isn’t that fun?

2. You release your pent up emotions.

We have all been there when we have felt humiliated, demeaned, disparaged, denigrated.( am using a lot synonyms.Right? But when you feel battered, you tend to use them all. At least not resorting to profanity). That’s the time when you pick up that sultry pen of yours and write write and write. Look at those negative emotions! Oh, how they dissipate.

3. It connects you with people

Your writing brings a tribe of readers together who associate with your characters’ remorse, their wins, their tribulations, etc. These readers in turn become your loyal friends who will propel you to push that envelope and churn out writing that would pull the strings of their hearts.

4. Your rage gets an address

Yes. When you feel outrageously infuriated on something or someone, your rage becomes a catalyst to write some lip-smacking content.Writing will help you to soothe your soul that’s blazing or scalding.

5. Appreciate superlative content

When you write, you will be persuaded by your inner being to read the work of your fellow writers. You become humbled by reading the superlative content penned by them. Thrir writing becomes your friend too.

6.Sharing ideas

When you write, you get to share with people the myriad ideas you have who normally would have  turned a deaf ear to them.

7. Enhances personal growth

On a personal level, writing helps us to reflect on our varied emotions, experiences, to examine critically our graph of growth each day, hence, helping shape our future. So, when do I see you wield that mighty pen of yours??

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