We will be together

Hey!! Did you get the chance to read my RomCom ‘We will be together ‘?

It’s a story about Ruhi-a naive sweet girl-who adored her friends and family and about Prithvi -a student pursuing Robotics management. They both loved life but also dealt with the different inadequacies they felt they had in them. The story delves into their not -so-perfect-life. We witness the shenanigans they would have with their friends and how adept they were in vanquishing adversities. You will be able to relate with the protagonists who behave the same way we behave in happiness and in despair.

I also would like to know which part of the book you found the most interesting or hillarious. I myself loved the part when Ruhi and team took out the living daylights out of Lallan when she masqueraded as Zunaifer-the ghost.

I also loved the part when Bhassu would always start a certain topic but soon would go off track and start blabbering something else.

So,  what are you waiting for??

You would get author signed copies of “We will be together “. Call 8530411977 and book your copies and my team will deliver it to you.

Some excerpts from the book :-

Ruhi was in STD 10 struggling with the quandary of whether I should be– proud of my swelling watermelons–possession of a sexy woman–or, be ashamed of the colonisation of pimples on my face. While the hormones created mayhem in my 5 ft 2”body, I was expected to give 100% to my studies.

After Lallan guzzled all our businesses and properties surreptitiously, Gauri bua approached us to stay with her. She wished to take care of us; mom declined the offer as she wanted to take reins of our lives in her hand. She wanted to show her kids how to squash adversities and forge ahead- lessons that would keep us in good stead in life.

Dumbstruck, I pined for my non existent lover as I disrobed and dunked myself in the alluring and aromatic warm water. I slooshed little champagne in the glass and quaffed all of it to mollify my enervated body.

That very moment, God knows from where, a plop of turmeric paste came flinging and smashed in my face; it seemed Biplov covertly and nefariously conducted a surgical strike on me

That swine Lallan is here at the wedding and… and I won’t be able to stand his sight”, I burst into tears. However, my crocodile’s tears gave way to genuine tears which were flowing down my searing cheeks. I wanted vengeance. Revenge for my mom’s humiliation.

“Aaltu… Jalaal tu…aayi bala ko taal tu…”, Lallan mumbled, cowering and shivering at the thought that when he would enter his suite, Zunaifer would welcome him with her hysterical laugh. He whooped, ”No… Nobody has shared about Marriott being ghostt… possessed… Cmonnn… Friends… it can’tt …be…”squalled Lallan.

Perspiration, perseverance and patience with indefatigable efforts lead to success. I owe my success to the sweat and blood I endured in life, in business.”blathered the scoundrel, the whiff of his arrogance and decadence polluting the ambience.

I immediately interjected, ”It’s to have a time of our lives.We will just enjoy the celebration to the hilt; don’t sweat the small stuff. We’ll just dress up in our Halloween attires, fool around a bit, guzzle down pints and then hit our beds. That’s it. Don’t fret… I will arrange costumes for everyone.

That jack -ass Biplov wanted to imitate Iron man. We need to assign him a good character or else he would back out, creating trouble for us.”, I rejoined.

“Yeah. He would be the deranged’Jigsaw’.I have even arranged a sweaky tricycle for him.I’m sure he will have a blast proclaiming’I want to play a game’; Piyali will impersonate’Chucky’; make sure Ruhi you do her doll makeup and tell her to carry around the baseball bat we have got for her”,

You would get author signed copies of “We will be together “. Call 8530411977 and book your copies and my team will deliver it to you.

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