UN lists JeM chief Masood Azhar as global terrorist: What we can expect next?

In a huge diplomatic win for India, the United Nations designated Jais-e-Mohammed chief, Masood Azhar, a global terrorist. China lifted its hold on a proposal to ban the rogue terrorist. This happened after a decade long fight for India which was trying in all capacity that Masood Azar be listed as a global terrorist after it moved a proposal to designate him as a global terrorist in 2009.

What can we expect from this move?

According to the UNSC resolution 1267, under which Masood Azhar was banned, any person or organization designated as a global threat faces many sanctions. The resolution was adopted by the council in 1999, to act against the Taliban and Al- Qaida.

Owing to the ban, a travel ban will be imposed on him. It is the basic sanction under this resolution.

Masood’s assets and economic resources will be seized in accordance to the guidelines.

In 2002, Azhar’s JeM has been proscribed as a terrorist outfit. This gives rights to the authorities to corner him and sieze all his personal assets apart from snatching from him some of his major rights.

No individual or group will be able to sell arms and ammunition to Masood.

India’s dossier proclaims that Azhar organizes various fund raising events under the terror group’s different wings including student factions. It is because of these events that he has the audacity to fund terror bases operations.Such operations will be strictly prohibited for him now under the new sanctions against him.

In the past, Pakistan had been vehemently opposing a ban against the terrorist Azhar and had been shielding him on several occasions. However, the fresh UN listing changes the scenario and Pakistan has no choice but to impose sanctions on him.

India is in celebratory mood and stands vindicated as all the perpetrators of the Pulwama attack have been punished.Sanctions on Masood Azhar may also help curb terrorism in India and surrounding countries.

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