Tuesday Series :The Turbulent Dawn-12

After three years…

” Danisha..get up. It’s late. Everyone at the camp is waiting for you.” a mesmerizing, pulsating voice rang in the air.

Danisha squirmed. She changed her sides constantly in bed, unwilling to open her eyes. She craved for more of the voice. Yes..she wanted the dreamy husky voice to pronounce endearments in her ears. Soon, a smile broke across her face.

The wispy voice murmured, ” My Danisha. Your duty awaits you.”

“VIKRAM.” Danisha hollered and tried to catch hold of the voice.Vikram’s voice. She longed to hug him tight.She got off from the bed, extending her hand to search for Vikram in the empty oblivious space of her mind but she shuddered and came around. She was perspiring profusely. Plonking on the bed again, her hand reached out for a glass of water. Her throat was on fire. After guzzling the water, she ruminated about the event that just happened.

‘ Vikram is always there near me. I can sense him each moment, every day. But..but, why does he always want me to go to the army camp? It’s been three years since I have not been there. I no more possess the spunk, the fire, the expertise to run the affairs of the camp. Vikram exhorts me to do so. Oh..these ambivalent thoughts fail me.’

Sugrev kaka tiptoed in the room thinking that Danisha would be asleep.

” Danisha daughter, here’s hot tea for you. Sire was asking for you. He’s just come back from work.” he said, placing the cup on the table beside her bed.

” Thank you kaka. I’ll meet him in a moment.” She said, lifting the steaming cup of tea and drawing it to her lips to take some careful sips.

” Lil girl. What are you upto? Got up late..uhh.” Abhimanyu sir wrinkled up his forehead and grimaced.

” Yeah..papa. I’m sorry but it seems ..I..I don’t have the courage to wake up and face a long long day, anymore.” Danisha said as she peered outside, through her bedroom’s window.

” Hmmm…I understand Danisha. But..but..life has to be lived. There’s a purpose for everyone to live my child.” Abhimanyu sir wreathed his arm around Danisha. ” I’m sure Vikram would want you to be back in the camp. He wouldn’t be happy to see you, couped up in your room, waiting to die. I can’t see you like this. Remember, serving the nation is an antidote for loneliness for us warriors. Your gallantry has always inspired the youth and will always be remembered for posterity, Danisha. You can’t give up like this.”

Danisha had been living like a stone, all these years; a rugged stone being constantly battered by the harsh winds of faith. Her gaze was fixed in the sky.

” New recruits join this week and I want you to pull up your socks. I look forward to you imparting them training.” Abhimanyu sir stated.

” You want me to train them. My training portends dooms-day.Look what happened to Hamish, Karim..Vikku. Bugga Reech will kill them too.” Danisha muttered in a grim tone.

” And..and..you’ll allow that to happen. Have you become a coward? Or..maybe Danisha-the-terminator– that’s what your juniors would call you right–has become faint-hearted, a scaredy-cat.” Abhimanyu sir hollered clenching his fist and hitting the table which was beside the window.

” Papa”

“What papa? I have been combing all the possible places where that sonofabitch Bugga Reech could be; I want to avenge my sons’ deaths. I’m not sulking in a corner like you. The day, I catch hold of the bastard, I will shred him into pieces. And..look at you. You don’t think of ways to nab the terrorist; he’s lurking out there, everyday creating mayhem. Doesn’t your heart bay for his blood? DANISHA, HE AND HIS MEN KILLED VIKRAM. Do you realize it?” Abhimanyu sir stomped off the room.

For the first time in three years, Danisha’s blood boiled, the searing blood passing through her veins, to her bloodshot eyes. A line of acid was tracing through her stomach.She preened in the mirror and as her palm moved on the small deep gash on her face, she reminisced about the bloodbath. The gory skirmish which stripped her off Vikram, her self esteem, her courage.Anger was coursing in her veins. But..a lioness is a lioness. That day, she pledged vengeance. A cry escaped her lips. But, the cry was not that of a victimised frail woman but that of a woman with resolute resolve to vanquish her adversary at any cost.

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