The Elections Tamasha

India which is less a country than a continent,  is more like a European Union than any other European country. Its different regions,  communities,  cultures and languages are so diverse that its national elections are best understood taking into account the result of all the regions where the regional leaders are the indispensable players in election Tamasha.

Tamasha Kaleidoscope BJP – a dissection of the Modi regime.

In 2014, BJP won a landslide victory catapulting Modi to the sacrosanct seat of the Prime Minister. He looked indomitable after his party registered mammoth victories in India’s largest states. The Congress party which ushered the nation into independence 70 years ago,  remained in power all these years. That did not change but the faces at the helm of the Congress bastion changed from Indira Gandhi,  Rajiv Gandhi,  Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh to Rahul Gandhi. However,  BJP changed the dynamics of politics by reducing Congress to a rump in the elections. The Modi wave consumed one and all like an aphrodisiac.

However,  things look grim for the Modi sarkar as his aura seems to be shattered in 2019.In December,  2019, Congress established its supremacy in three states which can be said to be “the grand rehearsal” before the final event. Opinions poll popped up in the country which clearly stated that Modi is the cynosure of everybody’s eyes. However,  the same people who adore him are ready to give votes against his party, too. The most bewildering fact is that BJP lost its votes not only in the urban areas but also in the rural areas. But,  if anything could decide the BJP’s fate, it is jobs.

India’s economy is growing by leaps and bounds but it is failing to create ample job opportunities for the burgeoning population. Each month,  for the next several years,  an estimated 1 million Indians will turn 18 every month. Unemployment has been a major concern for the Indians.

Modi is of the opinion that the statistics available do not capture the pulse of the entire nation as there are informal sectors too that work for cash. But,  the dissilusionment of the Indians is palpable. Another bone of contention has been the deep despair of the farmers who are grappling because of the steep fall in the price of staples like oilseeds,  chickpeas and onions. Their votebank can make or mar any party’s fortune as 70% of people directly or indirectly depend on agriculture. We have witnessed them marching to Delhi five times in the past one year. Speculators say that rural India is still recovering from the jolt of demonitization which destabilised them leading to a 2% drop in the country’s GDP.

The promises of 10 million jobs and 1,50,000 rupees in every citizen’s bank account made at raucous rallies by Modi have become barbs and jibes that Congress throws at him at every opportunity.

This is a fact that Modi is more popular than his challenger,  the Congress scion,  Rahul Gandhi who is trying to form alliances with regional parties to stop Modi. And analysts predict that Modi would win the elections, albeit with the support of the coalition partners.

So,  let’s wait and see what’s in store for the BJP?

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