Political Drama-Didi and the CBI face-off

On February 3rd,  the feisty Mamta Bannerjee declared a war against the centre as she went on with her rhetoric that the CBI’s detention of the police commissioner Rajeev Kumar was unconstitutional in nature. The CBI has alleged that Rajeev Kumar exerted his power to surreptitiously destroy all vital information in the sharada chit fund scam and  Rose Valley scams.

What were these scams? These were ponzi schemes that lured millions of people to invest in them.  The Sharada scam was a major financial fraud with glossy brochures and with promises of giving the investors exceptionally high return. It is said that a figure close to 4000 crore was mopped in it.

The Rose Valley was a bigger scam and it has been reported that more than 15000 crore was collected by the fraudsters ;a portion of money was used to bribe politicians for the smooth sailing of this scam. Investors from West Bengal,  Assam and Bihar had invested their life earnings but their hope of getting a high return was turned into ashes.

The investigation regarding these scams was transferred to the CBI  after serious allegations of international money laundering and political nexus was brought to the fore. The pandemonium started after CBI officials reached  Rajeev Kumar’s residence for interrogation. A scuffle broke out as the CBI was bundled off in police jeeps and whisked away to a police station.

Later,  Didi sat on a dharna as she took exception to the detention and called that she was saving the constitution,  further adding that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP were on a political vendetta mission. The BJP had demanded a President’s rule; however, the opposition joined hands with Didi and kept the BJP at bay. After all ghar ki baat ghar mai rehni chahiye!!!

West Bengal Chief Minister and Rajeev Kumar made an unprecedented move and spent the night in a designated place to protest the CBI ‘s actions. Didi alleged that the centre had orchestrated the event as it could not digest the proximity of 23 opposition leaders at the mega rally last month.

The centre has condemned the West Bengal CM saying that she is supporting the fraudsters who were involved in money embezzlement. It has also decided to take punitive action and stripping the five police officers of medals who sat on dharna with Didi. They won’t be serving at the centre and will be removed from the empanelment list.

All in all,  this tamasha was a worth Dekho!!!

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