Phew!!! Monday blues -10 top ways to beat it.

So,  there you suffer from the dreaded Monday blues. Please know that you aren’t alone. A study of more than 63 million twitter users drew the conclusion that people post depressing and cryptic tweets at the beginning of the week.

People have more stress on Monday as they can’t get off with the thought that they had  enjoyed to the hilt  during the weekends. After having a spell of good time,  they find it difficult to start the gruelling office work. Anticipation of going back to work increases the cortisol stress hormone in people. Cortisol’s ‘ fight’or ‘flight’ response  is ideal for sprinting from a wild animal but it is detrimental in the modern world where we activate it in response to work load,  unyielding bosses,  difficult colleagues, etc. This causes the adrenaline and cortisol to create havoc in our body and we experience anxiety, fatigue, tension and feel overwhelmed. So,  here we come up with 10 smart ways to beat those Monday blues which could otherwise obliterate your sanity.

Be happy with greenery around

Go get a plant and keep on your work station. Research has proven that people who execute their computer work in the presence of a plant buddy,  feel less stressed out in comparison to people who don’t have green friends at their work place. People who have plants around have less stress level,  are happier,  have low blood pressure and they are more productive. Hence,  we see offices around the globe having a lot of indoor plants in the premises.

Enjoy your weekends

It has been observed that people use their Sundays to start their to-do list,  or initiate some work,  hoping that this way Mondays would be easier. However,  doctors say that if you start your work on a Sunday,  you’ll feel that you haven’t had a break and Mondays would be dreadful for you. Breaks are there for a reason. It is imperative that you take breaks,  feel rejuvenated, relax and have fun on days off. It would be beneficial if you plan your weekend with fun activities that would enable you to come charged up to work.

Meditate – say Omm or  Nam Myoho renge kyo

Meditate and drive all the stress. A ten to fifteen minutes of meditation in the middle of your workday can help you stay calm. Research has proven that if you meditate, the brain’s fear center,  called amygdala, shrinks. Hence,  you feel rejuvenated and more in control of yourself. To meditate,  find a quiet place and concentrate on your breathing. Inhale the fresh air,  hold on for sometime and then exhale. You’ll feel relaxed and raring to go. You can also chant the Buddhist mantra, Nam myoho renge kyo which enables you to be in cohesion with the cosmos. Doing this everyday can guarantee that you not only feel energetic but also accomplish all your goals. Yes,  it’s that powerful. I’ll be sharing about Nam myoho renge kyo in my another blog post. So,  stay connected.


Are you the one who procrastinate the cleaning process?? Is your workplace all cluttered?? Then it’s high time, you went on a cleaning spree. If your workplace is cluttered, you’ll feel stressed out and anxious as many studies have suggested that a cluttered environment leads to anxiety. Throw what needs to be thrown and organise your drawers.

Smile please!

Smile,  smile, smile. Even if it is a forced smile, part your beautiful lips and let your pearls shine. Studies show that even if we fake happiness,  slowly our cells begin to feel happy and our subconscious mind gets the signal that we are happy and in the whole process,  we actually become happy.Our happiness quotient will surely alleviate.

Turn on the music babe!

Listening to music on the way to workplace is indeed a great idea to beat Monday blues. Listening to your favourite track while you head office will reduce blood pressure,  stress,  increased heart rate and the obdurate cortisol level. According to a study,  if you listen to simple nature sounds, like birds chirping or water flowing, that would also boost your cognitive ability and enhance your productivity. So,  you can take nature walks first thing in the morning on a Monday. Get blessed by nature then hit your work station.

Ease tight muscles

If you have a sedentary lifestyle,  moving and taking walking breaks would help. During intervals,  loosening your muscles can combat stress. While breathing,  you can bend and touch your toes and then come back to the original position while exhaling. Or you could bend sideways with the right hand lowering down to the left while you bend toward the left  and left arm bending toward the right while you bend toward the right. Do some step marching standing at your place. Don’t worry if people are watching you with their jaws open. Encourage them to do the same during the break. You’ll thank yourself for doing these simple exercises. These exercises boosts your mood.

Go for Probiotics

Researchers are of the opinion that popping up a probiotic can do a lot of difference in enhancing your mood. These have the quality to reduce inflammation and increase levels of serotonin which makes us feel good. However,  before popping one,  ensure that it has Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and Lactococcus.

Watch funny videos

During your break,  watch funny, silly videos which are capable of making you laugh. Studies have proven watching funny videos or videos of babies and cats make you feel better and stress free. This in turn helps you to be productive.

Talk positive

If you confide in your mates and say how you’re feeling,  that would help you a lot. Fellow mates have a shared goal in office,  you all share work so why not share with each other how you are feeling. This communication can really help you to de-stress and eliminate the Monday blues. Remember someone saying?  Share the happiness,  it doubles;  share the pain,  it cuts into half. So talk out your Monday blues and enjoy!!

I wish, you all enjoy Mondays as much as you do the other days. I appreciate your comments. Let me know what do you feel on Mondays.

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Happy Monday!

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