Hey!! April Fool

I was safely ensconced in my chair reading a thriller when my friend screeched at the top of her voice. ” Look there’s a lizard perched in your chair. ” Hollering in a shrill voice, I sprinted to the other room,  as I was scared of the squamate reptile. Soon,  my friend barged into the other room,  laughing away and chanting merrily,  ” April Fool,  April Fool,  Go back to school,  and ride some mules,  April Fool”. I was dumbstruck.How on earth,  people take the liberty to crack such puerile jokes at your expense? I mean,  I just had a heart attack. Why do people obssess so much on making fools out of you on April 1st?  

That same day,  my father was on a beer guzzling spree when my mom muttered,  ” Look,  your first love,  Elizabeth ‘s obituary has been published in the newspaper.”

“Oh no!  This can’t be. She can’t go that soon. ” Father blurted out in horror.

” April Fool  David,  That  b***ch’s gonna stay for another century,  I guess. ” mom stated,  rolling her eyes.

” You took this April Fool thing too far. April Fool jokes are the innocuous ones,  the ones that don’t have the potential to conk you out. ” father remarked looking glum.

April Fool – This is the day when harmless hoaxes,  jokes and foolish fun are round the corner. This is the day when you are extra cautious as your friends or colleagues could catch hold of you and make you the butt of their jokes. But,  ever wondered that where did this all originate from?

The origin:-

One of the earliest and first recorded instance of April 1 as fool’s day was in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. According to reports, New Year’s Day would be celebrated around April. In 1582, the Gregorian Calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII who made January 1 as the New Year’s Day. However, many refused to accept it and continued to celebrate New Year’s Day in April. Others started deriding those refusing to accept January 1 as New Year’s Day and would send them on “fool’s errands”, which is how, the practice of April Fools’ day which became a rage.

So,  be on guard on April 1st.

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