Ranju Gobbll

Inspiring Novelist and A Motivational Speaker

Ranju Gobbll is a corporate trainer, a motivational speaker, an English trainer and a diction facilitator. Her debut novel,” We will be together “– a swashbuckling romcom, has her protagonists face hillarious situations while squashing adversities. They not only tickle your funny bone but also propound some mind-boggling life sermons too. Ranju has a flair for writing fiction; she transports you to the world of endless possibilities and hope where serendipitous events make or mar one’s future…


I like to write about people, the places they live and the things with which they choose to surround themselves.


Improving reading skills will reduce unnecessary reading time & enable to read in a more focused & selective manner.


The trainer will be responsible for evaluating our needs & current practices, & creating & delivering a training plan.


Motivational speakers are those individuals that speak in front of a crowd for the purpose of getting them motivated.


Bloggers generate and pitch ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct research.


This can be done on stage, radio, television, video or motion productions to entertain, instruct an audience.