A Tribute to Abhinandan ‘None Can Defeat a Lion’

There my brother descended from the sky in the terror country,

Vanquished the enemy by shooting an R 73 against a F-16 in a fury.

During the engagement,  his MiG 21 was shot down by the foes,

He ejected from his fighter plane ,confounded in the midst of intense throes.

As he hailed slogans in the honour of Mother India in the country infested with terrorists,

Pakistani villagers caught him by his collar and pummelled him with kicks and fists.

My brother was bludgeoned and was beaten with stones,staves and sticks.

However,  he fired shots into the air to disperse the crowd that was demented and sick.

A Pakistani boy brandished a gun and after giving an injunction, my brother’s leg was shot at,

There he lay in a pool of blood , the skirmish enervated his body,  but he did not fret.

His spirit as high as the Himalayas could not be crushed by the Pakistani citizenry,

The army intervened,  blindfolded and handcuffed , took him to their headquarters in a hurry.

He was coerced,  persuaded and pressurised into divulging his information,

 I’m Abhinandan,  and that’s all I’m supposed to tell you was his proclamation .

The entire country stood like a rock with his family and waited for his repatriation,

As Pakistan concocted lies and edited their propaganda video without any shame.

 The Geneva convention suggests , a prisoner of war is to be returned within eight days of his capture,

The countrymen watched the fortitude of Abhinandan in the viral videos and were caught up in the rapture.

Finally,  on 1st March, 19, the wait was over, the whole world witnessed the call of the Providence,

As my brother, crossed the Wagah border with chest puffed up,  head held high and spirit filled with confidence.

There came the braveheart , setting his foot,  on the soil of his motherland,

” Abhinandan… Abhinandan.. Abhinandan.”, from all quarters reverberated the chants.

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