7 top ways to know that -It’s Okay to be flawed.

Dumbstruck!! Where you have a plethora of articles egging you to be the best version of yourself; here,  I’m talking about , hello, it’s okay to be flawed. But,  yes,  that’s what makes us-humans. That’s the reason we have not yet conked out as there are many lessons to be learnt,  many flaws to be acknowledged and then worked upon.

We all have been there.  We have experienced the green-eyed jealousy,  lust( carnal desires as well as desire for power) ,  hatred,  low self-esteem,  self deprecating thoughts,  etc. And there are times when we preen in the mirror and say,  Oh! but I could be prettier,  slimmer,  and so on.

We sometimes reflect on our character when we feel that we could have responded in a more matured way; when we know that we have lied to ourselves or others or when we ruthlessly demean ourselves for not accomplishing something that is considered to be gold by social convention.

All of us feel inadequate when we try to match up with a certain bar that we have set in our mind. It’s absolutely ok to work on being the perfect version of ourselves, to give wings to our creativity or talents,  to enjoy the process without having to rush through it, however, we shouldn’t be compelled to be enslaved by a false idea of becoming perfectionists and keep on chasing it.

So being imperfect is good news as we’re going to have flaws so better embrace them and be observant of not having them as roadblocks to the life we lead.

Somewhere,  we all know that imperfect is also spelled as  I’m perfect because after all we all are perfect in our own imperfect ways. So let us lead an optimal life by embracing our flaws that will help us in the following ways:-

1.Our life purpose becomes clear.

When we stop chasing an ideal which can be a mirage and not ours,  we accept the truth and authencity of our own lives. This way we create a space to chase our own life purpose without hurdles. So we can be the best version of ourselves in tandem with our life purpose which doesn’t mean we need to be perfect.

2. It enables us to be free

When we are stuck in the whirlwind of trying to prove our perfect self to others by repressing our imperfections and trying to achieve someone else’s idea of being perfect,  we can drain ourselves. That could hurt our self-esteem even more. But,  when we embrace our flaws and take our imperfections in our stride,  we are kind of liberated. We become free and happier.

3. Our focus is on what we are

When we draw all our attention and focus on what we are and are not concerned to accomplishing someone else’s idea of being perfect, we grow. We start for the first time,  recognising our truth,  our authencity and we  come to know about -our real self. In this process,  we uncover many hidden talents which remained obscure as we were chasing false ideas of perfection.

4. We can be the torchbearers

Won’t we revel in the thought that how we first identified our flaws and then conquered them step by step,  one day at a time. These lessons will not only keep us in good stead but also our next generation too. The youth or the children will be able to brace life in a better fashion as we’ll be able to expound these life lessons to them. When they’ll know that how we embraced our flaws and became the best version of ourselves,  they’ll urge themselves to do the same. These sermons of ours would serve them good as we would have already practiced before we would preach.

5.We shun our ego whims

Yes, our ego is detrimental as it makes us self-centered. When life does not match our reality,  our ego tells us that how much we are victimized and suffering. However,  if we have a fair idea about our flaws,  and frame of reference for ourselves, we will shun our ego whims and try to sort things out.

For an example : I did not study well so I flunked my exams. Now,  if I blame the teacher for not checking it properly or I cry that I got questions which were out of syllabus,  then these are the workings of my evil ego. However,  if I realize that it was my fault, because I didn’t study well,  I will be in a position to accept my flaws,  and work on it so that next time,  I fare better in my exams.

6.We are open to the imperfections of others

When we know, we have flaws,  we also realize that others also have imperfections. So,  we become open-minded and accept people with their imperfections. We stop judging others and become compassionate and this helps us to cement our relations with others and we build better,  sturdy relationships.

7.We become happier and healthier

So,  finally,  we accept our shortcomings and flaws. This brings acceptance. When we accept these flaws in our personalities,  we don’t have inner battles that waste our time as we don’t have any pressure to show our perfect self forward. We have made peace with what we have discovered about ourselves so this renewed thought process liberates us,  making us happy and healthier. Inner conflicts are generally results of a skewed self -image which can ail us. Hence,  people who have accepted themselves,  live a happier and healthier life as they do not have inner conflicts to address.

So,  we should remind ourselves that our lives are our lives, and to revel in the beauty of life as it comes is solid happiness. It is not to pamper the false beliefs one holds in order to look perfect in somebody’s eyes. It is to know the balance between – I’m perfect and Imperfect.

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